Monday, August 30, 2010

Rainy Monday

It's raining pretty hard this morning before sunrise. The Weather wonks say it's spoze to keep raining most of the day and maybe tomorrow, too. Susun's all excited about having a rainy day because we will both be able to do things inside. As she says, "When the weather's so nice, it's impossible to stay inside." Yep, we'll second that motion. All in favor signify by saying AYE!

Well, honestly, we are way behind on processing the "paperwork of life." So, yes, it's going to be a full day of pushing paper or as Jeff The Houn Dawg sez, "pushing rope." I never knew about pushing rope until I met Jeff. If you've never tried to push rope, I'd suggest it as a practical Team Building exercise, or maybe just as an individual enrichment project. It's a great way to have fun with an utterly futile concept.

Speaking of The Houn Dawg hisself, that's him in the photo at left in this post. He decided to have a big Sunday Morning Garden Giveaway at his house over yonder on the West Bank. Thanks, Jeff, you're a regular Produce Philanthropist!

And speaking of gardens, Dear Friends and Arizona neighbors Gary & Robin are picking over 5 pounds of tomatoes every day! Their garden has been prolific. We also hear reports that Josh's Hopi Blue Corn did really well in the Verde Valley summer splendor. May you each receive the coveted Golden Garden Glove for your hard work as Stewards of Soil & Seed!

We're sure glad this type of weather is taking place THIS week instead of last week!
The Lynx spent most of yesterday basking its yellow body in the backyard sun. We think the boat is mostly dried out now but will consult the local whitewater authorities to see how it should be properly prepped for its fall-winter-spring slumber in the basement. It will not be making the trip to Arizona with us. In fact, none of our river gear is heading south. It takes up too much space and, besides, our friends there have WAY more river gear than we ever dreamed of owning.

Some of you LBRs may have noticed a post here last night about Jack Nicholson and Tom Petty. Where did it go? How come it got vaporized? Well, as you may recall, we have a propensity to pen things a wee bit differently as the evening gets long in the tooth. We're trying to keep this blog as squeaky clean as possible and some of our late night blog posts simply don't past muster the next morning. The Jack & Tom post was banished to relative obscurity simply because it is rather rude. It's a nice post, actually, and we continue to be happy with it but it belongs in another context and place. You can click here to see its final resting place.

And, finally, at right is a shot of Susun striding along the Greenbelt yesterday morning.  She's really a fast walker and is all smiles strutting her stuff.  She's getting in shape for her upcoming San Diego trip.

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