Saturday, August 14, 2010

Next to Last Cornbread

Only one more cornbread until graduation tomorrow! We're still not quite "there" yet.  We forgot the adobo in this batch.  Susun sez it would help if I made up a written recipe.  What fun is that?  I need to have it tattooed on my synapses BEFORE I write up the final recipe card.  That way I know I got it, ya know what I mean?  I'm real close to "gittin' it" right now.  My trick this time is to withhold some of the milk.  The original recipe called for 1.25 cups of milk.  I'm down to 3/4 cup now and actually withholding maybe .125 or possibly .15 of a cup.  I mix in .50 of a cup with the rest of the wet mix and then see how the batter looks and feels, I then carefully add little bits of milk to get the batter to the "right" viscosity.  I'm guessing I'm only using .66 of a cup now.  Meanwhile, I've really got ET HOT.  It clocked out over 400 degrees this morning when I put in the skillet.  Having the oven really, truly HOT makes a big difference.  Technically, I should be pre-heating the skillet but I'm too lame for that and I got an Old Age Exemption at Reform School for handling a hot skillet so early in the morning.  Well, we'll take some photos of this batch when it comes out of the oven about 8:30 or thereabouts.

Here's what's close to the Graduation recipe: (As used 8/15/10)


1.5 cups corn meal
.75 cups whole wheat unbleached flour
2 TBSP organic cane sugar
2 TBSP Wisconsin buttermilk powder
I TBSP baking powder
1 TSP Baking soda

1.25 TSP salt


3 medium eggs
.83 cup of 2% milk.
.25 cup canola oil

.66 cup raw frozen corn kernels (pre-heated)
.33 cup of fresh chopped jalapeno pepper
1 TBSP roasted garlic
1 TBSP adobo sauce

Beat the eggs first by themselves.  Add the oil and beat again.
Add the half cup milk and beat again.
Add the chopped pepper and corn kernels to wet mix and let it sit.

Don't bother sifting the flour--it won't make any difference.  Add all the dry mix ingredients and mix vigorously and thoroughly.  Make sure all the dry ingredients are truly mixed well.

Pour the wet mix into the dry mix and really beat it together.  Don't be shy here.  You may need to add a little bit of the reserved milk to get the viscosity right.  If it sheets off the spoon it's too wet.  If it won't drop easily off the spoon it's too dry.  It needs to be someplace in between--maybe a medium fast ooze off the spoon.

Meanwhile, let the final mix sit while you find your skillet and wipe it generously with some canola oil.
(NOTE:  You should have your oven totally pre-heated and and up running at the correct HOT baking temperature--at least 400 degrees.)

Pour the final mix into the skillet and level it with your spoon--don't let it dome up as the center won't cook nearly as well if it's domed.  Put it in the oven on two flame tenders and bake for 18-20 minutes.  When the cornbread passes a two-person "smell test," turn off the oven and let it sit inside at least 10 minutes, preferably 15 or more to assure the center is cooked without burning the bottom and/or sides.

Use a welder's glove to remove the skillet--that puppy will still be H-O-T, even after sitting for awhile.
Be sure to have a truly heat proof trivet in your kitchen so you can set down the skillet without destroying your countertop or table.

Cut in parallel lines (NOT pie shapes).  One small cast iron skillet makes 12 small 2" x 2"  pieces of cornbread and four little corner bits as well for a total of 16 pieces.  The baked bread weight is approx 18-20 ounces.

Serve with your favorite spread(s) and condiment(s).

Today's comments:  Susun sez it's not as good as Thursday's batch but she also said, "It's still good."  She detected a hint of taste of baking soda so I'm gonna cut back to one TSP tomorrow.  She wants more corn kernels and misses the adobo.  Also, I put some shredded medium cheddar in Thursday's batch and she misses that too.  So, we're coming down to the wire still slightly off target and only one more batch to go.  Geeze, can we handle the pressure?  Only time and another batch will tell.  I sure hope I get to graduate.


The Goatherder said...

Looks real purty. I can agree with Susun without tasting it. I thought that sounded like a lot of baking soda. When are you gonna try it with blue corn?

The Goatherder said...

Another thought. In your perambulations thru the thrift stores look for an old cast iron corn stick mold. You know, the ones that are molded to look like ears of corn. Use your same recipe but you'll have to rethink your cooking time. Prolly more like 10-12 minutes.

siegfried said...

John - Did you take atmospheric pressure and/or humidity into your calculations??

Sunspots, also!!

Here, we get cornbread at Marie Callendar's eatery. It's good.