Saturday, August 14, 2010

Inside Cornbread

We went to Harbor Freight and bought a Cornbread Cam.  We thought you'd like to see what the inside of the cornbread looks like when it's baking.  You can see it above.  Pretty spiff, huh?  The Cornbread Cam works with WIFI and it's a disposable camera--it can be ingested without danger, you swallow it just like a bacon bit.

Well, we're just kidding, of course, the photo above is of The Sun.  Yes, THE Sun, that one that comes up every morning.  It kinda reminds me of cornbread.  LBR Siegfried posted a tongue-in-cheek comment wondering whether we considered humidity and maybe sunspots, too, when preparing our cornbread.  Thanks, Siegfried, you made my day.  Well, anyway, after I read his comment, I thought, hum...that photo of hte solar disk sure looks like cornbread to me.  if I wuz to 'magine how it might look inside the cornbread--this is what I'd imagine.  Ah, simple pleasures for simple minds!

Cheers, jp

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