Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cornbread Deja Vu

Hey, here it is, just as we promised.  Susun sez it's not as good as yesterday.  It came out a uniform 2 inches thick and the bottom and sides were done just right.  it baked 19 minutes and sat in the oven an additional 9 so the middle was "almost" done.  I think it could have sat another five minutes maybe.

Here's today's recipe: We dropped the cornmeal from 1.5 cups to 1.33 cups.  We upped the flour component from .75 cups to 1.0 cups.  First, we put in 3 TBSP of buckwheat flour and then one TBSP of soy flour before filling the cup with whole wheat pastry flour.  We added 2 TBSP of Wisconsin buttermilk powder and then the normal one TSP of salt, 2 TBSP of organic cane sugar, one TBSP of baking powder and a half TSP of baking soda.

The wet mix was two eggs, .33 cup of sour cream, .25 cup of canola oil and a cup of 2% milk.  We cut back on the milk to compensate for the addition of the sour cream.  We didn't add any fresh corn kernels or bacon this time.

As expected, the dark buckwheat flour really changed the color of the mix, giving is a much more "country" looking tint.  The mix seemed to be a bit thicker than yesterday's and it poured more slowly into the skillet.
Tomorrow, we're going back to the "value added" stuff--bacon, maybe a finely chopped fresh jalapeno, corn kernels, maybe even chopped green chile, too.  Hey, we're gonna keep at this one until we "git 'er dun!"

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