Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Who Knew? Stasea Knew! She ROX! She sent this photo you see here entitled SUP. And we are Old Fuddy Duddies and we said, "HUH? SUP, WHA...?"

So, Susun actually called her daughter and said WTF is SUP and Stasea only gave Susun the minimal skinny on the matter.

Well, it turns out that SUP ROX just like Stasea.

Imagine my surprise today when I stumbled upon an article in no less than the WALL STREET JOURNAL about SUP!!!! Whoa, what a surprise!

OK, click here for the article.

1 comment:

stasea said...

LOL @ WTF IS SUP!!! great article!!
Hope you get to try it somehow!! go Laird!
Mmmm mm mmmm