Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Busy-ness continues

The official logo for the State of Utah is a stylized beehive.  LDS Pioneers adopted that logo long ago to remind each other that being as busy as bees was a "good thing."  Sometimes I wish Utah made Beehive Hats.  I would buy one and wear it right now.  Life's been a beehive buzzing with activity this week and there's no let up in sight.

Monday afternoon and evening was a great time with Bryan, Nathan and Sam.  We lost count of the games of croquet played, enjoyed a Great Dinner by Susun and soaked up some fine camaraderie and friendship.  The trio left at 9:30 am yesterday to travel up to Corn Creek to begin their Main Salmon wilderness river trip today. We both then began a high speed day that didn't end until well into Happy Hour.  Everything we'd normally do in two days to leave for our trip Thursday had to be compressed into one day.  Why?

I'm going to Pocatello today.  All of Wednesday is basically consumed with "volunteer stuff."  The State's
SERVE Idaho Commission is conducting a "listening session" from 10-11:30 am this morning in downtown Pocatello.  I actually NEED to be there to present testimony about the current status of Eastern Idaho volunteerism.  At noon, I scheduled a hearing exam at Costco.  Later, Debby and I will be meeting with the State Director for CNCS (Corporation for National & Community Service).  Kent's great and I miss him a lot.  That meeting won't even start until 4:30 so you can see it's going to be a long day with no chance for anything other than what's already on Wednesday's plate.

I copped a break this morning--that's why I have time to write this blog post.  LBRs know we will be judging the Clayton Heritage Days Chile Cookoff again this year.  We've been booked to do that for maybe 9 months.  Last year we made up some real spiffy forms and when I left the job, I lost them.  It's been nagging me for months.  So this morning, procrastination had to come to an end as I simply HAD to find them.  The sands of time had all dropped out of the top of the hour glass.  I set aside an hour to look for them this morning.  Lo and behold, I found them in the FIRST MINUTE!  WHA--WHOOO!  Talk about luck and good fortune.  Anyway, that gave me time to talk about it here.

Susun went early to the periodontist to have her stitches removed.  She might even be able to carefully sample some of the chile Saturday.  This is another "good thing," as a maven named Martha would say.

Stasea enjoyed reading the blog post below about SUP.  She even said she LOL'd.  The only trouble I can see with SUP is the availability and cost of the actual boards.  John's Hole would seemingly be a perfect place for SUP.  There's no way we're gonna spend over a thousand dollars for a board, though.  Nope, no way.  But it sure sounds like a great exercise.  Maybe they could convert it to a Wii fitness video thingie.  I'd vote for that.

Have a great day & Cheers, jp

PS--I think I will move the Tweet feed back to the top so I will have something to do if I am terminally bored during this meeting.  C-YA.

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stasea said...

I bet you could find one on craigslist. They are also
Very awkward to carry. The newer ones have
A hand hold in the middle and I think it'd better
To have a SUP buddy. At least for me, being a
Girl. However, I do see alot girls goin it solo out there,
I think it's just something you have to get used to.