Wednesday, July 7, 2010

River finally safe enough to paddle today

Ah, what a nice surprise to see when we went for our walk on the Greenbelt this morning.  They dropped the river.  FINALLY!  Now it's safe to paddle once again.  Geeze, it's been weeks and weeks since it was a safe flow and back then it was pouring rain and that ain't safe either. They dropped it to only a little over 7,000 cfs.  (Only...HA!)  Anything over 10K is worrisome to me when paddling by myself.  Something like 7K is OK.  Meanwhile, I opened the box of one of the boat carts I bought last week for $12.50.  It works great.  I will be able to park away from the actual ramp and wheel the boat down to the ramp.  The cart folds and stows in the boat.  Off I go paddling.  Then I come back to the ramp, unfold the cart, wheel the boat back to the truck and avoid having to interface with the actual ramp's edge.  You never know, sometimes it can get real crowded there at the John's Hole Ramp, especially in the evening.  Susun's having her girlfriends over for a Girls' Night Out tonight so that automatically makes it a Boy's Night Out, too.  I plan on leaving about 5 pm, paddling most of the evening and then returning at a respectably civil twilight hour.  Sounds good, huh?

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