Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Weather wonks got it right

They said there would be thunderstorms and this time they got it right. There was one kick anatomy t-storm last night about 7-8 pm. Sheets of rain, strong winds, lightning, thunder, all the stuff that makes t-storms so great. We loved it! The lawn loved it, too. There was almost a quarter inch of rain in a real short time period. The Wonks say we might get more today. Bring it on. Life is good.

Now that the Bike Seat Saga has stabilized, it's time to move on to some other project. Me thinks it's time to clean out Ye Ol' Cook Shack. Afterall, the Big Summer Holiday looms this weekend. It's UnAmerican not to grill on July 4th. Majorly unAmerican! The cook shack is a mess due to general inactivity and a human proclivity to make any unused space a storage area. It will probably take all day to get it back in shape. One of the summer's "to do" projects is to put a better roof on the small structure. That's "iffy." Heck, all I wanna do is grill sumthin.

It's also time to unlimber a boat and go paddling. Today we will mount up the kayak and take it down for a spin at John's Hole.

Susun made amazing progress whipping the basement back into shape. Our helter-skelter schedule since mid-May left the basement looking like a hurricane swept through. "Out of sight, out of mind!" Now it's back in presentable condition.

Heck, maybe I will get motivated and change oil in the vehicles today, too. Oh, yeah, and I finally get to mow our neighbor's weeds. There was this young slacker dude living there and his solution to lawn maintenance was to get a tractor and totally destroy ALL the grass front and back. Of course, the disturbed soil became the perfect breeding grounds for all sorts of major weeds. We offered to knock them down for him but he was too proud to take our offer. Now he has renters in there and we finally learned the renter woman would love to have us make the place look better. It's the neighborhood eyesore! Quite literally.

That's about it for this morning. We trust you will all have another wonderful day and Many Cheers! jp

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