Saturday, June 19, 2010


Great day today!  Blue Bird Day in the morning--Bad Boy Day in the afternoon and an easy going evening evolved.  This Saturday had it all.  We started out spending way too much time researching and posting about DEW-boyz,Wyoming.  See the Dubois page link at the top o' the blog.

We ventured off to the famous one and only Idaho Falls Farmers Market and then occupied ourselves doing what we are famous for--this and that.  Susun even bought two goldfish.  They now live in their own bowl.  Ain't that called a goldfish bowl?  Maybe we, too, live in a goldfish bowl courtesy of this here blog.  Oh, well, whatever.

One of the local Methodist Churches had a HUGE freaking rummage sale.  It was some of the worst rummage we've ever seen. Those Methodists must be pretty frugal if their donations are any indication.  Geeze, what a worthless raft of flotsam!  Anyway, I found an antique mountain bicycle.  A Giant Sedona model bike.  It's a classic of the mid-1980's genre.  They started at $25 and I got them down to $5 before I agreed to pay.  Yeah, it has it's share of "issues," but it's a great deal for the money.  I think we will easily have it rehabbed soon.  It's a nice "project bike," as bike people are prone to say.

Susun fixed a feast for dinner tonight.  Actually, it was because she thought Jef and Suzanne were coming to visit for Happy Hour.  We made a plan when we ran into Jef & Suzanne at the Farmers Market. However, Jef fell victim to his TV golf game and his Lazy Boy and the Happy Hour rendezvous never happened.  Meanwhile, we enjoyed a fine repast that was prepped "JIC."  (NOTE--JIC = Just In Case.)  That's Jef & Suzanne shown in the photo above in case you haven't already figured that out.

Well, we've surpassed our 300th blog post since January 1.   Frankly, #300 was a tough one.  I agonized over it.  Part of me thought I should write up some of that Magic.  The other part of me thought I shouldn't touch that Magic at all--leave it alone--don't spoil it by trying to describe it.  The Smart Part won out and I didn't touch it.  Magic is a pretty special piece of, well...Magic.  Why mess with it?  That's illogical, as Spock would say up there on the Starship Enterprise.  We agree, Mr. Spock.

Now that we are safely past Post #300, we can put it on cruise control again and glide through whatever topics strike our fancy.  Yeah!  That's what we intended for this blog--easy going MUZAK kinda writing.  If we overthink stuff too much it just ain't gonna "fit" right.  Right on, huh, Dude?  Yeah, WRITE ON!

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