Saturday, June 19, 2010

Magic Happens

That's the official motto of The Dream.  Yeah, it was once known as "The Dream Ranch" but now it's just The Dream.  Dream ON!  Dream UP!  What can you Dream?  There's no limit to YOUR dreams.  Dreams are free.  Dreams are crazy.  Dreams are Wild.  Your dreams can set you free!

That's Dr. Heather M's take on life.  She a dreamer.  She's wild and she's free and she's sure easy with her place--The Dream.

There's no way to tell you much about The Dream without you actually being there.  Why?  Well, it's a Dream.  Yea, verily, it's like visiting Fantasy Island, the old TV show with Ricardo Montalbán and Hervé Villechaize.  Someday, I fully expect one or both of those guys to step out of the shadows at The Dream like figures from the cornstalks in "Field Of Dreams."

I wish I could tell you all of the wonderful vignettes and stories from our stay at The Dream this time.  I've spent the entire day thinking to myself and thinking, "Self, how are you going to tell everything that happened to us there?"  Well, I came up empty handed.  I am at total loss for words.  How fitting is that for the 300th post? No words=no story.  We took 300+ photos and I doubt we'll post a single one here.

After it was all over and everyone had left, Heather asked Susun and me to stay a day extra so the three of us could "decompress" and kinda find some afterglow balance in the scheme of things.  We obliged and stayed.

We went up to Elder Point with her where she scattered her Dad's ashes.  It's the perfect place if there ever was one.  Not just for scattering ashes of your Loved One but for just Being in your Total Being.  That's what Heather is all about--Being in her Total Being.  She's really good at it.  She's a teacher.  She can actually TEACH people--especially Horse People--how to be inside their Total Being Space.  Hum....maybe that is a new glossary entry...TBS.  Heather's totally into her TBS.  I mean like TOTALLY!

There was so much that happened there during our visit---so much to describe--so much to ponder--so much to digest--so much to savor--so much to say HEY!

When it finally came time to leave yesterday nearing 1 pm (MST), I sat down to write the obligatory entry in Heather's Guest Book.  We created the Guest Book back in 2006 when she let us caretake her place.  She has given us profuse thanks for creating the guestbook.  It's awesome.  Anyway, you can't be at Heather's Place and NOT give an entry to her guestbook.

I sat down with only a few minutes left in our visit and penned an entry.  After I was done, I told Heather I wanted to read it outloud to her.  She balked. She said she wanted to read it for herself.  But I insisted.  I said, "No, Heather, I AM reading this out loud to you whether you want me to or not."  I can't remember the precise wording but I am pretty sure this is how it went:

Magic Happens. Magic Happens at The Dream 24/7/365.  Why?  Because Heather and John* are your Magical, Mystical and Merry Guides into the Realm of Total Magic.  No matter what they do, Magic drips from their smiles and fingers."

Well, I will spare you all the other words but basically I went on and on about the Magic that they create at their place. and Heather were standing out near that $20,000 grill at her place while Susun was a football field away over by the truck.  I turned to Heather and said, "You know that you create Magic, don't you, Heather?"  And she looked askance and replied, "Well, John, I'd have to agree with you on that one.  Nope, I'm not going to dispute what you just said."  We've known Heather for 4 years.  I'd have to say that was a very kind reply she made to my observation. Frankly, it's true.

I wish I had the "permissions" and sheer time it would take to describe all the Magic that happened there up on The Dream.  I don't. Suffice to say it was pure Magic in every way, shape and form.

May Magic Gift YOUR Dreams Always and All Ways Forever!

Eternal Cheers from John & Susun.

*John in context of The Dream is this:  Heather's husband is John.

NOTE added after dinner.  I discussed this post with Susun over dinner.  She agreed.  What happens at The Dream Stays At The Dream.  There's really no way to describe what it is when Magic Happens.  We each have our own Magic and when Magic Happens to us, it's a special and unique experience.  To attempt to describe it in a blog post would not be appropriate.  I am sure you would agree.
 Driving home through the Lost River Valley was great Friday.  Here's Idaho's tallest peak--Mt. Borah in all its glory.


stasea said...

some things are meant to be just between you and the moment...

siegfried said...

I feel privileged to have visited the "Magic" place a long way from anywhere. It vividly remains in my memory.
Dave E.