Monday, June 14, 2010


It's a little before 1 pm and we're rigged. This really IS the best rig we've ever done. Yeah, it looks like the Joad's, I know what you're thinking. But we can now derig the back half of the truck in under 5 minutes flat! Best yet is that everything we need to pitch a tent and tarp(s) is immediately available without having to derig anything else. We each have two clothes boxes apiece that can slide out without moving a thing. Ditto both coolers, the snack box and the utensil and spice box. The stove now comes out (with stand) instantly and has onboard fuel so we don't have to dig out the large propane bottle. We've never had a rig that can derig as fast as this one. It's a tight as a brand new, high dollar Swiss watch. Meanwhile all the camp clutter stuff stays inside the truck until we're good and ready for it. We know it's going to be raining when we arrive to set up camp tomorrow. That much is a given. So, we're ready to rock and roll and have our shelter set up in record time. I keep saying "Someday we're gonna learn how to camp" but it's days like these that make me think we REALLY ARE going to learn how to camp. Sooner or later, we've got to get really professional about this stuff. Any given rig always looks great in the driveway. It's how it handles at a campsite at dusk in the rain and wind that is the proof of the pudding. That's when you find out if your rig's got the right stuff. we sure won't have to wait long to "proof" this pudding. Tomorrow evening will be here before we know it! (PS added @ 9 pm Monday. I actually DID derig the back half of the truck. I postulated it would take five minutes. It took 3.)

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