Monday, June 14, 2010

Happy Hour Interruptus

There must be an Interrupt among us cuz it sure caused an interruptus of Happy Hour this evening. We both hustled as we are wont to do on DBD (Day Before Departure). When 5 o'clock came we STILL couldn't enjoy Happy Hour. There were some nit picky details yet to do. Finally, about 5:15, we got to settle into a nice, soothing cooler. All of a sudden I blurted out, "Oh, Shoot." Well, actually, it was a four letter word that often substitutes for "shoot."

I plumb forgot to mow the lawn today. OUCH, that really hurts when a guy sits down to enjoy Happy Hour and the Long Arm of The Lawn reaches out and grabs him by his arms. Book 'em, Dano! Well, there simply was no alternative. I had to set down my cooler and rush forth to the workshop, pull out the dormant mower and begin to smite the grass blades once again. Luckily, we had a day of pure, unadulterated sunshine and temps that pushed all the way into the mid-70's Wild, but true! Such temps had dried out the grass blades and they were easy pickin's for a Man Deprived of Happy Hour. Susun timed me and it took precisely 45 minutes to mow all nooks and crannies of the lawn.

I still haven't settled properly back into the Jimmy Buffet mode of Happy Hour but at least the lawn has had its just due. Whew. We've prepaid Todd for another Mow Job. Now, we can get outta Dodge here tomorrow and know Todd won't have to even think about mowing this place until maybe a week from now. There's rain forecast to begin again tonight. This was our only window. For that, any responsible guy will endure Happy Hour Interruptus. Wouldn't you agree?

Cheers! jp

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