Sunday, June 13, 2010

Rainbows & Sunsets

Susun warned me. She said, "It's gonna be a great sunset." I pried myself away from the computer screen and went to the living room window. I saw the makings of something unique and went outside. The sun's rays were poking through the storm clouds, leaving long shafts of light into the growing dusk. By chance I turn to face east and, behold, there was a huge rainbow arching over our house. I went inside and beckoned Susun. As we both watched in awe, the rainbow grew bigger, brighter and better. Soon, it was a double and then the lower bow began propagating even more concentric bows. We counted seven bows in the lower rainbow and five in the one above. Each end seemed to pulsate with brighter colors. It was so awe-inspiring we simply stood transfixed. The rainbow lasted more than 30 minutes! As it began to fade we both came out of our trance and began to walk back to our home, only to turn around and see a most spectacular sunset, too! The clouds were radiant reds and orange and just absolutely glowing with showy colors. It made us both dizzy watching rainbows and sunsets all at once. Whew, I'm glad to be back in front of a computer screen--at least the screen stays put and doesn't pulsate and glow funny colors.

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Drewser said...

Wow, that can be tough to capture on a camera! Nice job!