Monday, June 14, 2010

Let the wet begin again

Here's the US Navy's current Eastern Pacific water vapor view. I cropped off the rest of the global view below Hawaii. As you can easily see, the wet pattern is still dialed to continue. Looks like there will be a break after this episode but then it's back to a wet future. That vapor plume out in the Pacific about 155-160 degrees West is pretty impressive. Meanwhile, the QPF graphic shows the next system has some substantial precipitation potential. We're going to be in the general vicinity of the red "X" in the graphic at left. That area should receive upward of an inch of rain during the next 72 hours. That means at any one time it will just merely being raining, not necessarily pouring. However, typically, such a storm includes really fun periods when it is truly pouring. You know how that goes. So, to make a short story longer, we're gonna get wet! Ain't no doubt about it.

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