Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Our first interview

And so it was that after much chatter, prep, phone work, emails, packing, travel and set up that 8 am Sunday rolled around and we conducted our very first NVUM interview.
I was so embarrassed that I looked like I did for the first interview. What a troll!

Here's how it happened. This little podunk campground has only 3 sites with tables and two more with firerings but no tables. As chance would have it, a couple from Gooding actually decided to camp there Saturday night. We chatted with them a couple of times Saturday. We assumed they would have a leisure morning and depart after sunup. Nope, they must have froze Saturday night because they were up early and clearly ripping apart their camp setup.

Meanwhile I had the interview site setup totally rigged by the required 8 am deadline. This was an "AM" site so we had to run the site from 8 am until 2 pm--six full hours. I expected I'd have time to go back to our own camp and change into some appropriate clothes before this couple left the campground. Well, it didn't happen that way.

The couple pulled up stakes, threw everything in their pickup and arrived at the exit interview site at PRECISELY 8 am! What could we do? We had to interview them even if we looked like two Bozos in our overnight sleeping clothes. Dang, I hate it what that happens.

I could have at least taken off the stupid hat. However, I totally FORGOT that I was wearing the stupid hat until AFTER the couple left. That's when I turned beet red from abject embarrassment over wearing the stupid hat during the interview. Susun was laughing so hard she almost fell over. Me? I wasn't laughing. No, I was almost crying from the embarrassment of it all.

Well, what a way to conduct our very first interview. I guess it's kind of fitting in a typical Susun and John sort of way. Whaddaya expect from a couple of bozo bumpkins?

Cheers, jp

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stasea said...

I would love to run into you two at a campground and answer some questions!! for some reason I bet you make it fun.