Sunday, May 30, 2010


Yeah, we're FULLY loaded!  Geeze, we got a LOT o' stuff!  Well, actually, it all makes sense and darned near every speck of it gets used in a typical camping trip.  This time we will take photos of the camp set up and PROVE that it all gets used, honest.  It was actually quite easy to pack for this trip.  (Stop laughing!) It really was easy, no kidding.  After all these years of trying to learn how to camp, we know that it always takes two hours to set up camp and two hours to break down and pack up the truck.  It doesn't seem to matter how much stuff we carry--the Two Hour Rule pretty much holds sway.  Plus, have you ever heard of The Big Backpack Theory? Well, if you buy a big backpack, you always fill it to capacity.  If you buy a small one, you fill it to capacity.  You always pack to the capacity you have to pack.  Same thing goes for trucks.  If we're camping out of the Nissan, we fill it to capacity but, by definition, it's a LOT less stuff that you see above.  Meanwhile, if we're camping out of a long bed 3/4 ton 454 Chevy, well, duh, we fill it to capacity, too.  Pretty good theory, huh?  Well, this is the last post off this laptop.  Maybe we will get access from a library or someplace in Mountain Home.  Meantime, have another Great Day and CHEERS from J&S

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