Friday, May 28, 2010

Last Friday of May

Welcome to Memorial day Weekend!  America's Summer Season officially gets underway today and will continued in typical frenzied fashion until September 6th--Labor Day--when someone flips a magical unseen switch and people go home and hibernate until next Memorial Day.  Millions upon ba-zillions of people are in the midst of packing up, driving off, dreaming of smores or doing whatever they do to unwind and relax this weekend.  Gee, I guess we are, too!

We're leaving Sunday morning for a old fashioned dose of deja vu. We're going Back to Baumgartner. And, guess what? We have to do an NVUM interview the MORNING of Memorial Day itself. Yep, we have to spend six hours right smack on the front lines of that tsunami of campers getting ready to rush home to the Daily Grind. We have to interview all those hearty souls leaving Baumgartner after this upcoming long weekend.

Luckily, it's an AM interview which means we have to be on duty from 8 am to 2 pm. This will give us some time to unwind and relax before we ourselves have to pack it up and skee-daddle Monday morning, June 1. (More on that below.) However, we're not done with deja vu as we return to Baumgartner one more time Thursday morning to set up camp yet again. Yep, you guessed it--two more NVUM interviews--a PM on June 3 and a PM on June 5--both at the Hot Springs. The Thursday evening stint won't be so bad but the Saturday evening session will be a real grunt. Ugh.

We have to rise and shine real early Sunday, June 6, and break camp in a hurry. We have to be over near Oakley Idaho Sunday in order to get rigged and ready for a PM interview on the Big Cedar Road. It's over 200 miles from Baumgartner to Big Cedar! We're gonna hafta be on the road BEFORE 8 am Sunday.  Ouch. Meanwhile, we have to camp in an treeless Oakley City RV park Sunday night and then hang around until 2 pm Monday to pull the results of the 24-hour traffic counter at Big Cedar. It's then and ONLY then that we can consider returning back here to the comforts of home to sit in front of this computer and tell you how it all turned out. It's gonna be a LONG road trip this time around.

After we leave Baumgartner June 1, we travel a short distance down to Mountain Home, Idaho. We have a dinner date with Dr. Heather Mack that evening at her Mystic Ranch about 15 miles north of Mountain Home. We will camp on her grounds that night. Hopefully, we can visit with Doug & Judy in Mountain Home the following day and spend the night of June 2 with them. If not, we will go out and camp at the Bruneau Dunes State Park. Then it's Back to the Future once again.

As you know, we are obsessive "list makers." We sit in camp and write down all the stuff we forgot or wish we had. That's what we're doing today--checking stuff off the list--wiping our slate clean so we can start yet a new list on the upcoming trip. We've already whittled the list down pretty down yesterday. The big thing was finding a cot for Susun. After almost a half day of shopping for cots, we bought them from the first place we looked--Wally, of course. Why does Wally always come in so much cheaper than anyone else? Wally's price was less than half of the next lowest price and, oddly, Wally's cot quality was MUCH better than the competitor's equivalent cot. Go figure.

Cheers, jp

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