Thursday, May 27, 2010

An Amazon ordering tip

We just ordered a book from Amazon.  We thought we'd tell you an Amazon ordering trick.  Here's how it works.  I went out to Barnes & Noble tonight and found the book I wanted.  It's called, "Idaho, A Climbing Guide," by Tom Lopez.  It covers 800 peaks here in Idaho, including all the Class One and Class Two ascents.  That's our speed.  No Class Five's for us!  well, B&N wants $35 for this book.  Amazon is asking $23.10.  Gee, that's a no brainer--we'll order from Amazon.  Well, the trick is that you have to get OVER $25 to qualify for the free shipping.  OK, how do you do that?

That's the trick we are describing here.  There is this website we follow called Slick Deals.  We learned long ago that slickdeals has this tremendous little thingie called "Slick fillers."  Yep, you're getting the picture.  It's designed specifically to help people get over the $25 hump and get free shipping.  So, you go to Slick Fillers and type in the amount you need to get over $25.  In this case, I typed in $2.00.  You hit the search button and Slick Fillers quickly gives you hundreds of $2 choices to buy from Amazon.  I chose a little booklet on famous American documents.  Click here to see the little booklet.

Poof, I suddenly have my $25.10 worth of stuff in my cart.  I check out and get the free shipping and all is well!  If you use Amazon much at all, you know how maddingly difficult it can be to find something to help you get to the magical $25 mark.  Well, fret no more.  Simply use Slick Filler's automated assistant and it's a piece of cake!

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Drewser said...

one of my favorite blogs ('s right up your alley if you don't already frequent it) posted a few sites like this in February and I've been using them ever since. TOTALLY helpful!