Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Here's to all you Mom's out there.  Did you know that if you turn "MOM" upside down, it becomes "WOW?"  Yep, it's true, you can do it yourself even.  Congratulations to all you hardworking Mom's for raising us kiddies up to be...hum...maybe we ought to leave that part alone.  Hey, at least we're bigger and somewhat more self-sufficient than we were when you first took charge of us.

My own Mom is doing quite well.  She's 86 years young now and in excellent health.  She still lives alone in the house my parents built in the mid-1950's.  She's active and gets out and about every day.  The only "assistance" she needs, if you want to call it that, is to have her yard mowed.  Ed, the guy who does that has become a real family friend.  Thanks, Mom, for all you are and all you've done.  Congrats on a life well lived and many more quality years to come.

Congrats also to Sarah, a Mom just starting out with two beautiful boys, an awesome and supportive family and a tremendous life ahead.  Sarah's a Great Mom in every way.  You GO, MOM Sarah!

It oughta be a medium decent day for a Greenbelt walk today.  We did our walk there yesterday mid-afternoon, getting home about 3 pm.  Then I went to help a neighbor do a fence project.  It took maybe a couple of hours.  We then built another nice fire and listened to the wind howl as it gusted over 30 mph.  That galvanized fire chimney keeps the fire Happy and Hearty.  The flames didn't even wiggle in that high wind.  Meanwhile the chimney really helps reflect the fire's heat and we were both warm and toasty for the two hour duration of our courtyard soirée.

Aren E. lives just down the street on 12th here.  We first met him in 2004 up at Bowery Guard Station.  He was doing range monitoring for the feds.  He was the very first person who uttered the magical word "WINCO" to our receptive ears.  He's since married and his wife is expecting a son yet this month. They are a delightful couple and it was a pleasure to help him with the fence project.

Whazzup for Sunday?  It's a beautifully blank palette right now. Gotta love them blank palettes.  We're gonna have an Egg Morning--that's always a delight.  Then we're gonna walk the Greenbelt.  Then?  Who knows?  I will probably do Tool Guy Stuff.  I might get real ambitious and tackle a dormant chain saw.  That's always fun.  What are the odds of getting a saw running that hasn't been fired up for at least 2 full years? The odds are: "Slim and None and Slim just left town."

Cheers, jp

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