Monday, April 26, 2010

We lucked out

WOW, I can breathe a HUGE sigh of relief! Why?

Because of the full moon. Some of you know we loathe traveling in the days leading up to a full moon or (Heaven forbid!) on the actual DAY of the full moon. Frankly, I wanted to leave on the 29th because the full moon is April 28th this month. Also, frankly, I haven't been any too happy about traveling on the day of the full moon.

Well, we lucked out. We ain't gonna be traveling on a full moon day. But we are still leaving on the 28th. So, how the heck did that happen?

I got curious right now and decided to look up the actual precise time that the moon is actually, truly FULL. Well, get this, it's full at 6:18 AM Arizona Time and we leave at 7 am, 42 minutes later. (Click here to see a data table about it.)


That's huge for me and it really makes my day. That means Wednesday is gonna be a laid back, casual, nice ol' traveling day. It ain't gonna be no crazy day like it would have been on the actual day of the full moon. All the crazy people will be out and about Tuesday and Tuesday night--I'd sure hate to be on the highway when the bars close Tuesday night. Whoa!

Anyway, this piece of arcane trivia undoubtedly means nothing to most of my readers. However, it means everything to me. And, guess what--it's time for Happy Hour!! How good is that?

Cheers, jp

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