Sunday, April 18, 2010

Our Arizona Universe

View Our Arizona World in a larger map
Here's a Google Map of the heart of our Arizona World. Due to map scaling issues, we can't show Flagstaff and Mesa, Arizona, on this map. That would be way too out of control. This map pretty much depicts the Verde Valley. We live kind of on the east side of it. We have to go to the west side a lot to shop and sometimes down to the south end of it. Sedona's more or less on the north side of the valley, at least the way this map shows it. Everything is real spread out. We have to drive almost a 60 miles round trip to shop in Cottonwood and nearly a 40 mile round trip. to get our mail! Over here on our side of the valley, we are minutes from what most people would call "the back country." We like that aspect of this location a lot. Our home is located at the tent symbol down below the red triangle with the exclamation point in it.

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