Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Snake to the Snake

Well, we're heading back to Snake River Country tomorrow.  What could be more appropriate than having a Snake on our property?  We don't see snakes here.  We've NEVER seen a rattler.  Never! Our snake sightings are so few and far between you'd think we live on a different planet than Arizona.  Arizona is DEFINED by snakes.  We NEVER see snakes.  I think the last snake we saw was a California King Snake back in the mid-1990's.

So, when Susun came and tugged my sleeve and said, "There's a pink snake over there," I was really intrigued.  WOW, a Snake!  What a novel idea, especially since we are heading back to Snake Country.

I went over and, sure enough, there it was, a real snake, basking in its snake glory.  I told Susun within no more than 5 seconds of seeing the snake that it was a Red Racer and easily the largest Red Racer I'd ever seen in my life.  The snake had to be 4-5 feet long.  It was huge and FAT!

Well, by and by, I got some time to research this snake online tonight and, indeed, it's locally known as a Red Racer.  It's formal name is a "Coachwhip."  It's Latin Name is, well, fuggetaboutit.  (Click here for a snake link.)

I went out and talked to the snake.  I believe in talking to snakes.  I've done it quite often in my life, even talking to rattle snakes face to face.  Snakes really like bi-peds who talk to them.  Honest, they do.  Frankly, I think snakes are really cool.  I actually love snakes.  My first pet was a snake in Florida.  When it died, I insisted my parents allow me the decency of a proper burial for my snake.  We took it out on the causeway and buried it under a palm tree.  But I digress.

The photos of this snake are here.  How good does it get when you haven't seen a snake on the property in FIFTEEN freaking years and you see a snake the DAY BEFORE you are heading back to Snake Country?  Trust me, folks, that's an Omen of The First Order!

As you might expect, we worked our anatomy off today.  It's been a 14 hour work day (so far).  I am taking a break and indulging myself in the luxury of a blog post.  Such sweet fun!

OK, time to get back into "The MODE!"  (The Mode is: WORK-WORK-WORK!)

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