Thursday, April 1, 2010

Grand Falls to make new high!

No, this is NOT an April Fool's joke.  I happened to peruse the USGS streamflow table this morning and my eyeballs popped out.  There's been a surge come down East Clear Creek south of Winslow and the Little Colorado at Winslow is running over 1600 cfs this morning.  Yesterday it was a mere 1,000 cfs and the day  before a paltry 600 cfs!  Clearly, the last dribs and drabs of snow have parted company with the watershed and are heading to a meeting of the molecules with the Big Colorado River in deep in Grand Canyon.  Rather than gunk up this blog post with a lot of arcane data, I put it on a separate page.  See above, left.

I clearly thought the Grand Falls has peaked about a week ago near 1500 cfs. Wrong again--this surge will probably eek out a slightly higher peak within the next few days--possibly as early as tomorrow.  I can guarantee you that this Easter Weekend will be primetime to go visit the Grand Falls.  They are SUPERB and not to be missed, especially if you have never seen them before.

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