Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Blown away

Man, the wind is howlin' a whole lot higher than even the NWS people said it would.  WOW, what a blow!
We went up to the Blue Grade and the wind must have had an affect on us.  Susun finished the uphill climb in 29:30 and I was an even 30 minutes, our best times ever.  Coming back down it was the stiffest wind we've ever hiked in.  The road grit was hitting our faces like a sandblaster and, at time, it was impossible to see because of the grits and the wind-spawned watery eyes.  We both had to lean hard into the wind to make any forward progress.  We both put the rush on to get back to the car and finished the round trip in new record time as well--55 minutes!  Right now it's blowing big sheets of dust everywhere.  The low pressure that's coming in must be REALLY low to create these kind of winds.  I'll betcha semi-trailers are blowing over on I-40!  They weren't kidding--this is a BIG storm.  Cheers, jp

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