Thursday, April 22, 2010

200th Post

Hey, light some candles or something.  Let's have a party.  This is the 200th blog post since January 1.  That's a LOAD!  At this rate I will probably go over 500 posts in a calendar year.  Depending on your point of view, that's either awesome or ridiculous.  Take your pick. 

Yesterday was another humdinger day. All sorts of strange stuff happened. Susun wonders how I will be able to write up Earth Day 2010. Where to start?

I received an email from Wayne. He forwarded an email from a woman I've known since high school--Meg L. We haven't seen or talked to each other for perhaps 20-23 years. She Googled me and up came a post from Wayne's blog that mentioned my name so she took a chance and emailed Wayne. Anyway, thanks to Wayne, Meg and I got back in contact with each other. We swapped some emails and then talked a long time on the phone. She's going to come to Idaho this summer sometime so the three of us can go on a camping adventure. Meg's an amazing person. Thanks, Meg, for your persistence in finding us. AWESOME!

Then I got a call from RJ who's someplace out in the Nevada deserts right now. He's the guy in who got the contract for the Sawtooth NVUM project. He finally decided he wants to hire us to do at least one interview. We're booked for May 16th at the Casino Creek Campground in the Sawtooth National Recreation Area downstream from Stanley on the Salmon River. We will have to meet RJ May 15 to get situated and then do the interview stuff Sunday. The $200 we will earn will get us up into Salmon Country early this year. What a hoot. Maybe it will lead to more work for RJ and maybe not. He has to like us and we have to like him.

Debby D. got her continuation grant turned in on time. Whew--that was cutting it real close. Sue K. emailed yesterday, too. We're trying to sign on as a volunteer with her in Michigan (along the shore of Lake Huron). It would be a Virtual Volunteer gig. Jeff C. emailed and is getting somewhat more interested in having us volunteer to do the Salmon River Guide. Carrie finally made it home from the wilds of Montana. Marti is trying to learn how to blog and we've been swapping the usual array of hilarious emails. Betty and Bob came for lunch and stayed almost two hours. It sure was fun having them here. Tim L. stopped by and we're booked for dinner at his new home nearby.

I went into Camp Verde for some stuff for dinner. The wind laid down and we got lucky--we were able to do a great campfire and the light on the Mogollon Rim was spectacular. All those storm clouds really did strange things to the evening sunlight.

This morning I woke up totally convinced that it was April 23. Why is that meaningful? Well, I realized that the Clayton Idaho website domain name had expired on April 22. I went into a dither, hyperventilating and so forth. I got the domain renewed and only then realized it was April 22 and the domain wouldn't have expired until midnight. That's still a little too close for comfort.

This morning, we drove away from the house at 7:30 am sharp. Gary and his dog were in the back of the truck. Susun dropped us off up near the Beaver Creek Ranger Station. We hiked over 5 miles back downstream in 2.5 hours. Luckily, Gary wasn't interested in hiking at his top pace and neither was I. We were both satisfied with a 2 mph pace. He learned a new way to "connect the dots" as he calls it. I really enjoyed the hike.

Well, okie dokie, now how's that for a 200th post? Lots of groovy stuff!

Have a great day and Cheers! jp

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