Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Here's a story. So, we're kicking back and enjoying Happy Hour here in downtown Fillmore, right smack across from the county seat itself. Susun bought herself a USA Today back in Scipio and so she's way happy. I got WIFI so I'm way happy--how much better can it get? OK, so I decide to check email, it's an upstanding American thing to do. Brush yer teeth and check yer email--you know how that goes. So I check the email and, Sarah sent a great photo of The Boys Gage & Van At Play in a San Diego Park. Oh, Susun was really excited. It was so fun to be able to pivot the laptop and show it to her right in her "reading position." Ah, the wonders of technology! How did we manage to survive road trips back in the Jack Kerouac Daze of Number 2 pencils?


stasea said...

Lovin it! Keep em comin. Xoxo

stasea said...

Great pics, lovin the updates!! Keep em comin
the pic of the boys is great!!