Sunday, February 21, 2010

Speaking of change

I know that some of you have your own blog.  Dear Friend & LBR, Wayne R. has one of the best blogs I know of.  He's definitely at the head of his class in the Blog-O-Sphere.  If you manage one or more blogs, you know how complex they "can" become.  Yes, they are very simple at face value.  However, if you want to get really complicated with your blog, Google certainly will open the door wide open and let you wander around the innards of your blog's plumbing.  You have to be really careful when you are roaming the catacombs because you might step in some HTML or CSS coding that will mess everything up and leave a bad smell on your blog.

OK, well, speaking of change, I noticed this little piece of script in my blog that got me to scratching my head.  I decided to grad a virtual flashlight and climb down into the sewer main and check it out.  Google has a way to swap a domain name for a blog address.  We have this domain nbame that we've owned since Christmas Day 2004 called ""  It pretty well sums up our lives into a neat little internet address.  Note that we get this address WAAAAY before the whole "live simple" schtick got morphed into magazines and TV shows.  Anyway, this past December, I decided to keep the domain name but drop the web hosting service and eliminate the website.  We weren't maintaining the website and paying for a hosting service was a total waste of $50 a year.  Meanwhile, the forelorn little domain name has been sitting 'round without a home page to call home.

Voila, enter Google today.  It seems that I can actually change the name of this blog from "" to ""  Hum...I was sufficiently intrigued to actually print out 3 full pages of VERY complicated technical instructions to make this happen.  Trust me, this really IS rocket science.  If I can pull this one off, I am going to apply for my Buck Rogers Badge and finally get my Little Orphan Annie Decoder Ring.

Why am I telling you all of this arcane mumbo jumbo?  Well, here's the downside,  if I screw up, this blog disappears--poof, just like that.  It's kind of like working on the bomb squad.  If you do everything right, you look like a hero.  If you get the wrong wires crossed, well, you're history.  It's a very risky proposition.

I have gone to the very edge of this process and stepped back from the cliff for a breather.  I am not certain I want to mess with this complicated procedure.  It's quite daunting.  Knowing me, chances are I will be drawn to the process like the proverbial moth to the candle flame.  So, this is a warning:  if you attempt to come back to this blog later and it has disappeared, at least you will know why. 

I am going to let this blog post sit here and "age" for awhile before attempting to proceed.  At least then my LBR's will know what happened if the blog is gone.  Wish me luck--this is heavy lifting kinda stuff.

On that cheery note, we bid you a fond adieu (not as good as fondue, but OK) & Cheers, jp

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