Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Snow Job Continues

We'd like to put a shameless plug in here to direct you to a blog post we just wrote on our Arizona Snowbirds blog.  Some awesome white stuff is happening there in Arizona.  We hope you read both the top post and the post below it.  What's happening there in Arizona could well be shaping up as one of the all-time best river running seasons in modern history.  There's a lot of "if's" still waiting in the wings but, look at it this way--the last time we had a snowpack like this is, well....a really, really long time ago!

PS--It's 9 am Monday.  Lookie here at the Baker Butte numbers:
02/21 0000 19.5 63.0 0.4 3.0

02/22 0000 20.3 66.0 0.8 3.0

The site gained EIGHT TENTHS of an inch of water but only THREE INCHES of snow.  WOW!

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