Saturday, February 6, 2010

Running behind

I am really running behind on my internet chores--still haven't posted yurt photos.  Talk about a slacker.
Meanwhile, I didn't post hardly anything at all on Thursday and nothing yesterday.  Now, that is really slacking off.  I won't even be able to post anything this morning either except for these two short missives.

I have to clean up and get outta here before 78:30 am this morning to go to the office and make a certificate recognizing the Idaho falls Farmers Market.  I think I will call them "Partner of the Year."
Then I have to hot foot it over to their Board Meeting at the Red Lion.  It's their first board meeting of 2010.  I want to make a speech and tell them how wonderful they are.  Long story.

Then we have to go to the hospital for the annual Health Fair.  We had our blood drawn a few weeks ago and we get to pick up the results today and learn about how to be healthy.  Good thing to know, I guess.

I suppose we will be back at the bungalow about mid-morning.  Maybe then I can resume whipping words into shape here.  Gotta run, jp

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