Monday, February 22, 2010

A Knight in White Satin

The title of this post is our new name for a big snow as seen at night.  Snow lovers all across the Southwest have to be celebrating tonight.  The storm progged yesterday produced in spades.  Yep, snow spades!  We wrote all about it on our other blog:  You'll have to excuse the euphoria, it comes with the turf--and the snow. 

Our day today was pretty robust.  Up at 5 am and worked until 7:30 am--off to a frenzied day at the office--meeting at 9 am at Parks & Rec--lasted forever, lunch @ home and then back to the future meeting @ 2 pm for another shin deep slog through Greenbelt snow--think we finally got everybody on the same page--or is that the "same bench?"  Got home @ 4 pm and had to leave immediately for some financial errands and then a fast track to WINCO to listen to the requisite screaming children while buying walnuts, cranberries and bananas.  Ah, shopping.

Happy hour came none too quickly today.  Susun whipped up some awesome flounder fillets with creamed red yam and a succulent veggie variety.  Her daughter Stasea sent a picture of her (Stasea) holding the sunset in her hand.  Quite a nifty photo--I think I will post it here.  Hope that's OK, Stasea!  Here goes!

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stasea said...

hey!!! I made the daily news blog!!! Thanks John!! Have a safe trip!!