Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Connected at the airport

Using a computer sure can make the time fly.  It's nearing the time when I have to skeedaddle to get on board the next plane so I don't have much time--I wasted a lot of time trying to get connected here.  At least I had success.  Well, I wanted to tell a karma story.  So, I get on the airplane and pick up the airplane magazine and Monument Valley is on the cover.  I yawn but decide to read what gushing glorious things they have to say about Monument Valley.  Lo and behold, there a photo of Montezumawell right smack next to the stereotypical photo of Monument Valley.  WOW--so I read the story and the author says that out of all of the places he visited in Arizona, Montezuma Well Nat'l Monument was HIS FAVORITE!  How awesome is that?  As 99% of you Loyal Blog Readers know, our Arizona property boundary is contiguous with Montezuma Well Nat'l Monument.  Yeah, it's our favorite place, too!  Pretty amazing coincidence.

As I said on the TXT from the aeroplane, the flight path followed the Ketchum-Featherville Forest Road #227.  I got to trace the whole route and see how it interacts with the topography.  Man, I can't wait to drive that road.  AWESOME! Well, I gotta power down and run along.

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