Monday, February 1, 2010

Here comes Monday--Happy February

Monday appeared far faster that I expected it would.  How do weekends fly by so quickly while weekdays seem to take forever to pass?  Aren't they all supposed to be 24 hours each?

We've really got our work cut out for us during the next four weeks.  So much to do, so little time.  I made yet another list early this morning.  (Lists R Us, afterall.)  This list details what I need to do at work before February 26th.  My, oh, my, it's a much longer list than I thought it would be.  The biggest item on the list is the preparation of an Operations Manual for my position.  When I inherited the job, there was no information about what to do about anything.  I had to learn everything the hard way--by personal experience.  I feel obligated to help the next person have a much better understanding of how to do the job.  I actually have a pretty good head start in writing the operations manual--it's about 1/3rd done.  However, the next 2/3rds are going to be a big task.

I really want to have everything in tip top shape and I want to leave on a real high note.  I've told some of my co-workers I won't utter a disparaging word and I will be a textbook model of cheerfulness and positive energy for the next four weeks.  I really care for and respect my co-workers in my division of my employer's bureaucracy.  I will do everything I can to make them feel as special as possible in my final month there.  Even though I have a lot of issues with the behavior and conduct of my employer, that's no longer any of my business.  It's a moot point, as they say.  What truly matters is that I leave my position a LOT better than I found it.  It's going to be fun, I will make certain of that.

It snowed a pretty fair amount on Sunday--enough to fire up the snowblower.  If you've ever used a snow blower, you will know what I am describing here.  When the wind is blowing, it's a real good idea to make sure your body is UPWIND of the snow blower's exhaust chute.  Sometimes, however, it's impossible to achieve being upwind.  In this case, all of the fine snow being sprayed out of the machine will then blow back onto the operator, coating the operator like a thick layer of powdered sugar on a cake.   Since the snow is so fine, it tends to melt VERY quickly, turning to VERY cold water.  This in turn tends to freeze the operator.  That's what happened to me yesterday.  At one point, I was pure white from tip to toe and looked like a walking snowman.  Geeze, it was COLD!
I finished the job actually jogging with the snowblower, only falling once, and ran inside to change clothes as quickly as possible.  WHEW!

We spent a lot of time in the basement beginning to pack for the Arizona trip.  We've learned from experience that you really can't begin too early when preparing for a long trip away from home.  If you wait until the last minute, you're simply not going to have enough time to do things right and proper.

We then went out and spent over two hours shopping, making stops at six stores: Fred Meyer, WINCO, Walgreens, Wal-Mart, ACE Hardware in Ammon and, finally, Lowe's.  The biggest chore was finding the correct hasps to beef up security on our west door.  Half of the above store visits were on account of simply trying to find the right parts.  When we drive away in early March, this house is going to be one tough cookie to break in to!

Susun prepared yet another wonderful dinner of cauliflower and chicken and later we had a real nice Memorial Service for Susun's Mom.  Doris was born on January 31.  Yesterday would have been her 84th birthday.  Her Great Spirit will live forever in our hearts.

We still haven't posted up photos of the yurt trip--that's what usually happens when we take way too many pictures.  This time, I promise I am going to cull down the pictures and make a SMALL photo album.  Honest, I promise.

Today's going to be danged busy day and it's time to get rolling along here.  Have a Great Monday & Many Cheers!  jp

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