Saturday, February 6, 2010

Beefing up security

This Old House is a 1939 bungalow.  People were a lot more trusting in those days.  Crime was low and drug-related crime was unknown.  We have these really funky 1930's windows in the basement stemwall.  They are single pane glass.  They have a flimsy frame and-get this--NO LOCK!  A swift kick and you're in.  You can see a burglar could just crawl right inside onto the basement steps.  Not anymore!  That's one by twelve white pine--the pricey kind--and it's lagged into the window frame with two inch by 5/16ths screws.  No more worries about somebody breaking in through these flimsy windows while we are gone.  Meanwhile, we spent 90 minutes getting the Nissan ready to tow.  As you know, we spent $350 getting the baseplate attached to the Nissan.  Today, I fitted the magnetic lights, double checked the tow bar and then tested the lights from the pigtail on the Big Truck.  All this little nit picky stuff takes a lot of time.  I suspect this chore will take most of the rest of the afternoon since I have to go buy more wood.  Hopefully, I will get padlock hasps attached to the west door. Tomorrow, we are going to rig out the compressor and do a trial run on blowing out our pipes.  As a blog reader, I am certain that this sort of stuff puts you to sleep.  As a homeowner, it's pretty exciting.

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