Saturday, January 16, 2010

Whew--ravens finished

Glad to see The Ravens fly away home and depart until next year. Whew! Even though it was 17-3 at half and the final score was 20-3, the game was closer than it appeared. Only a few fluke plays kept it lopsided on the part of the Colts. A few breaks for The ravens and the game could have easily gone their way. Such is the way the football bounces.

Looking at the situation tonight, it's pretty exciting actually. Any of the three AFC teams still alive would be great to have in the Stupor Bowl--Chargers, Jets or Colts. Two out of three of the NFC teams would be great--Vikings or Saints. The only team we are rooting against is the Cowboys. We know it's not fair to pray for a team to lose and so we won't do that. But we're mightily tempted, aren't we? We hope The Boyz go home to the Big D with their tails between their expensive legs. if they DO happen to win up in the Twin Cities tomorrow, please let the Saints win one for the Gipper. Oh, please, oh, please!

Who would I really like to see either the Vikings or the Saints play? Good question--I guess my homeboy genes would have to say The Colts. Colts Vikings would be great and Colts Saints even better because of the Drew Brees Purdue connection. As a football fan, it's shaping up to be a great finish to this season. The plot thickens tomorrow and we can hardly wait. Go Vikings--Go Chargers!

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