Saturday, January 16, 2010

Saturday night

It's past 7:30 and going on 8. After doing battle with The Big Round Thing, we have a fine and fun day. We found an eight dollar sled at Shopko and I really had fun rigging it for the Yurt Trip. We're calling it The Bed Sled. it has our inflatable pads, two sleeping bags and four full size pillows on it. Tomorrow, we will take it to a park and see if it skids along on the snow OK.

We spent a lot of time tonight making notes on what to take to the Yurt. Chocolate is high on the list both in bar form and hot chocolate form. It would be against the law to go our snow camping without chocolate. Would you agree?

I bought some really spiffy little boneless pork loin chops at Smith's for dinner tonight and Susun rustled up a great salad and some nice veggies to go with it. We spent a lot of time over dinner talking football. Susun loves to hear my football stories. I told her some really fun stories tonight and she is fired up to watch portions of tomorrow's games. I told her how I didn't care who won the Cards-Saints game but that I was partial to New Orleans. She couldn't wait. She said, "Well get online and find out who won!" Of course, the Saints won 45-14, humiliating the Cards and sending the New Orleans population into a frenzy of joy.
I am very happy for the Saints Fans--they truly deserve this and I really hope they go all the way and run the table and take the trophy home. If ever there was a sentimental favorite, it would have to be the Saints.

Meanwhile, it's Colts 17, Ravens 3 at halftime. I sure hope the Colts send the Ravens packing back to Hotel Baltimore. Cross your fingers.

Speaking of "cross your fingers," the upper element in the hot water heater is working fine and we have plenty of hot water for showers and dish washing. We're good to go until we get a new unit installed Tuesday. All is A-OK. (Thanks, Kris, for your concern and gracious offer--YOU ROCK!)

This whole gig with going to the yurt is spawning a whole new "camper mentality" in both of us. It's really invigorating. I'm not so sure that summer camping has ever been this much fun and, heck, we haven't even left home. How good is that?

I haven't checked up on the latest about the BIG Storm due to wash ashore this coming week. I am sure there is a lot of chatter about it. I just haven't had time to keep track.

Speaking of the Water Heater Caper, we did go to Lowe's and pop for $400 on our credit card for a new heater. We will go pick it up tomorrow morning. The sales rep cut us a deal. When the city opens for business Tuesday morning, he will call and get the gig approved and have the city finance it and then cancel out our credit card. Sweet scam, if you ask me. Meanwhile, we're probably going to be paying $11 and change a month for 36 months for this really hot rod 12-year heater with all sorts of intelligent features. I hope it can cook bacon, too, it seems smart enough.

Well, time to settle back and enjoy the 2nd half of fotbol action from Naptown.
That's what Hoosier Natives call the City of Indianapolis--Naptown. Most other people nickname it "Indy." Naptown works better for us native Hoosiers. There are lesser terms for it that can't be repeated on a family blog.

We wish them well--GO COLTS!

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