Saturday, January 2, 2010

Snow scene

Here are four photos taken from inside the house looking out at what the weather people like to call "current conditions."  The first is looking south out into the back yard.  Last night the big truck's hood and sides were totally snow free.  Nary a flake on that hood!  Meanwhile the entire ZUki was totally snow.  Looking at the photo reminds me I better get the snow off the cargo trailer today, too.  On Thursday, we actually had a clear path out to the parking area.  The second photo is looking across 12th Street at our neighbor Matt & Jana's house.  There's a LOT of snow out there in 12th Street as the City got caught flat-footed on this storm.  Being as it was New Year's there was no snow removal yesterday.  It will be interesting to see if the Mayor brings out the troops this weekend.  If not, the workweek is going to begin on a very knarly note.  I, for one, wouldn't dare driving in this stuff so I will plan on walking (or snowshoeing) to work on Monday.  The 3rd photo is looking west across Cranmer Street at our neighbor Jared & Danielle's house.  They haven't even attempted any snow removal lately.  One of Kenyon's kids used an ATV with a plow to blade their sidewalk yesterday.  Lucky Jared!  The fourth photo is looking to the northeast out our front door window.  It shows a wee bit of our driveway and that weird tree we own.  I have never learned the name of the weird tree.  We like the tree and it looks good in all seasons.  This is about as good as it looks in the winter time.  There's going to be a boatload more work clearing the driveway again.  Even thought we can't drive the Nissan until Monday when we get it re-registered, we still have to stay ahead of the accumulation on the driveway--if we don't we might as well kiss off using our garage this winter.  Sorry about the lack of paragraph breaks in this post.  If I try to put in one, the cursor jumps to the bottom of the last photo.  It's worth reminding our Dear Readers of our recent luck.  In hindsight, it turns out that the ONLY way we could have made it home was the precise manner and timing in which we traveled.  If we would have left Monday, we would have been royally messed up in Tuesday's storm.  If we would have left Wednesday, I doubt we would have made it past Panguitch and we'd still be somewhere south of Salt Lake.  By leaving Tuesday and spending Wednesday in Nephi, we somehow managed to find a dry seam to sneak in Idaho Fall unmolested!  WHEW--we got here just in time to go hand-to-hand with the snow.  Actually, it's a good thing we showed up when we did.  There's no way we could ask a neighbor to do what needs to be done here.  Yes, Chuck is happy to snow blow our sidewalks but they are the least of our worries in this type of weather.  It's the snow near the house, the snow on the soft top Zuki, the driveway, the steps and all the rest of the nit-picky stuff that really matters.  We are learning a lot about how we must configure this place if we ever hope to take off again during Snow & Cold Season.  It's going to take quite a bit of creativity and money to make this place self-sustaining during the winter.  I hope to soon begin making a list of what we think needs to be done.  Meanwhile, it's time to suit up and sally forth.

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