Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Open Comments!

I've decided to unlock the comments thingie--no word verification, no moderation. You can comment "at will." I will keep this setting until I get burned. If and when the first SPAM comment comes through, I will go back to word verification and moderation. In the meantime, I want to warn you that some offensive comments MIGHT make it onto the blog before I can catch and remove them. Don't worry, this is an experiment. In the meantime, you comments will show up immediately and be MUCH easier to make without the stupid scrambled egg word verification. Let's all cross our fingers and hope we don't get SPAM comments for awhile. jp

1 comment:

Kris Cochran said...

In the middle of a great personal challenge, I read your blog with my first cup of java. Your philosophy and style start my day focused on what is important--the joy we find along the journey, if we look for it. Also, letting the BS roll off like water off a duck.
Thanks to you and Susun for making the world a better place. Kris