Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Another Wednesday

I always look forward to Wednesdays because that's when the food ads come out. It's a lifelong tradition. I can't even remember how far back I was reading food ads. Probably sometime in the 1960's would mark the beginning of that OCD behavior. I love them. This week was unspectacular so I didn't bother going to either Smith's or Albertson's I just went to my Main Fave--WINCO. I love WINCO, it is like an Old Friend.
As I've said, I couldn't care less about the relative mayhem going on in the store. It was pretty crazy there today--you just never know what to expect. I think someday somebody could write a really professional piece making a connection between WINCO and the meaning of life. I won't get into that now--it's way over my head.

The highlights of the day were twofold. First, we both went to The Leather Shop and spend a little over $11. Rachel--the owner--understood what we wanted and she made the spiffiest thing you ever saw. It's a hip strap for Susun to be able to tow the Bed Sled. Gee, it's so spiffy it's spooky! I think I will take a photo of it and post it soon. Anyway, that vexing problem is a problem no more. Susun really likes it and that's all that matters. It was all "no sew," too nary a stitch in it!

The other highlight was when I went out to pay some bills and decided to get my reading material lined up for the yurt trip. I went to our fabulous public library--the one with the koi pond in the atrium beside the grand winding pseudo spiral staircase. That library is awesome.

Anyway, I checked out the history of Island Park--it's a tremendous book and you've have to pay $60 to buy it. It's about maybe 36 years old and the authors got stuff back in the early 70's that are truly priceless. Harriman is smack dab in Island Park--that's why it's relevant. I want to be hunkered down in a snow covered yurt reading this tome. I also picked up a volume on Idaho's Gold Road and a book full of historical photos of Idaho Falls.

Jeff was talking today about the concept of the "career facade." Last year, he was given the title as Chairman of The Institute of Profound Thoughts & Theories (IOPT&T).
He does a good job in his role as chairman and his expoundment on The Facade Theory was most excellent. Thank You, Jeff, for upholding the standards of the IOPT&T.

It's good to work with people who don't take their job seriously and realize they are all part of a charade. I really like that! it makes going into work a whole lot easier to know at least SOME of your co-workers have a clue.

I bought 200 sheets of card stock parchment today so I can get started on the Challis certificates. I am in serious procrastination mode with this project and time is really running out. I can feel the grains of sand falling through the hour glass.

It's fish night tonight. Why wait until Friday? Then more Northern Exposure. We are definitely being MAX OCD about this TV series. Gawd only knows what liberties the script writers will take tonight!

Cheers, jp

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