Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Here's The Deal

(Editor's Note: You may need to read the post below this one to understand this one.)

We will drive to Harriman on Wednesday, January 27, arriving roughly before noonish. We'll go out and frolic in the snow until a little after 2 pm. Then we go back to the car and start loading up our sleds. Jeff S., the Handwarmer King is loaning us a sled and we're going to buy another one, too. So, we will have 2 sleds for all our stuff. They make you bring your own propane tank. Them suckers are heavy!

So, we will load up our stuff and about 2:45 pm, we will start slogging through the snow over to our Cygnet Yurt. No kidding, that's it's real name. We can't "checkin" until 3 pm, so that's why the schedule is a tad bit weird. Hopefully, we will have timed all of this correctly so that we arrive at the yurt at precisely 3 pm. That will give us a couple of hours to stoke up a wood fire and settle in and get comfortable before nightfall shortly after 5 pm.

Thursday, we get to have a leisure morning in the yurt since we aren't checking out. By and by, we will eventually decide to sally forth into the snow once again on shoe or ski. Who knows whence and where we will go? We have all day to play.
We can go far or not. Thursday will be one of those glorious "blank palate" days.
By late afternoon, when the shadows grow long, we will once again tuck into the yurt and cocoon up for another night in the snow-covered pines not far from Silver Lake. Checkout Friday is noon. You can bet we will string out our stay right up to within minutes of the deadline.

After loading our stuff back in the truck, we'll probably head out a little before 1 PM-ish and arrive back in Eye-Dee-Hoe Falls about 2:30-3 PM. We were thinking about going back to the office Friday but have since come to our senses. We will use our few pittances of leave hours that we have left and take Friday off as well. That's how it becomes a five-day weekend.

The cost of all of this won't be cheap. Nope, in fact, it will be fairly pricey. We don't care. We learned this morning that our airhead governor wants to close down the state parks and that his foolish plan may cause Harriman to be reverted to private ownership. HA! Nothing is forever--that's why we need to enjoy every last little bit of Harriman we can this winter before it might disappear before our very eyes. Whatever the cost, it's a small price to pay for a piece of history, a couple of nights in the finest state park we've ever experienced!

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