Wednesday, January 13, 2010

All quiet on the Spud Front

Temp's about 20 here and temps are higher higher. What does that mean? It means places at higher elevations have higher temps. Simple. We are in a low spot in a river valley. Cold air settles. Looking at this morning's regional temps, we are about the lowest of them all. Really cold places like Stanley, Idaho, where -30 is a regular visitor are higher than us right now. Island Park is almost 10 degrees warmer!

We're taking the Nissan in to get the Blue Ox baseplate attached this morning @ 8 am. That's a quietly momentous occasion. By the time it's all over, it will have cost us dang near $400. Is it worth it? Um...probably not in pure dollar terms...but definitely so in quality of life terms. It means Susun and I can ride in teh same vehicle when we're taking both of them someplace such as camping at Riverside in the coming and future summers. It also means we can tow it to Arizona on our next trip and have TWO vehicles down there. That's huge. The gas savings on such long trips will easily pay off the baseplate expense. (Editor's Note: Although the mpg will drop for the big truck, it will still be cheaper than driving two vehicles separately. Secondly, the gas savings while actually in Arizona will be huge--possibly hundreds of dollars on a single trip.)

I think I will resurrect another blog. This one has been in the deep freezer for maybe 9-10 month. It's a blog for local shoppers here in Idaho Falls. It wouldn't interest anyone elsewhere so don't bother visiting. It's name is The letters "if" are not pronounced "if." They are pronounced "eye eff." Idaho Falls is known as "eye eff" far and wide. So, if you will, the blog is actually a play on words. I have a whole series of blogs that start with "eye eff" and the word "you." IF You Shop, IF You Walk, etc.

Well, lemme tell ya a story. It's a chapter in the Storybook of The Great Water Heater Caper. This whole chapter transpired between about 4:15 pm Monday and about 4 pm yesterday. Nah, I think I will make it a separate blog post above. It would make this post too long.

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