Friday, January 1, 2010

Blizzard of blogs

Wow, I decided to inventory my gmail addresses and blogs. I have 10 active gmail accounts that I know of and those gmail "logon's" access a whopping total of 34 blogs!
I found some blogs I had long forgotten during this process.

Probably more than half of those blogs are somehow associated with work. There's still a goodly number of them that deal with non-work stuff. I have no clue why I like to create blogs--it's an OCD thing, I guess. I suspect that I have maybe another 4 or 5 gmail addresses and probably a few more blogs out there someplace. Hopefully, I will find them again.

Why is it that January brings out the "organizer" in all of us? Just like clockwork, the year changes and we busily begin filing stuff and organizing stuff. Cultural conditioning plays a big part. Time of year and climate plays a part, too. January is a great month to hunker down and organize stuff.

This year, especially!

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