Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Various projects

 Hum...let's see what we're working on these days...

Right now as of July 5th we're hot to trot on our cribbage boards.  We started making Big Boards for Cribbage in 2021 and had quite a successful year.  Recently, we decided to revisit Big Boards.  We're taking numerous finished boards up to Island Park this week. We know we've sold one already.  To see some of our older cribbage boards visit:

Next in line is our upcoming Wisdom, Montana, trip.  Back in 2018 when we did our Team US 89 Road Trip from Mexico to Canada we "discovered" author Ivan Doig.  His books are truly fantastic!  We fell in love with "Last Bus To Wisdom".  So when it came time to select a Road Trip destination this summer, we picked Wisdom, Montana.  The beaverslide haystacker was prominently featured in Doig's book.  We think we've lined up a rancher who still uses the archaic beaverslide.  Anyway, that's our goal.  You can see a lot of 1942 photos of the beaverslide in action at our new blog here:

We spent WAAAY too much time working on our Road Trip Rig: The Mosey Inn and Sharlot, the 2005 Tundra.  Rare is the day when we aren't tinkering with one or both of them. We will be camped at Site A16 in Riversided Campground this week.  To see A16 visit:
One of our ongoing, multi-year projects is "Leo The Flying Lion."  This coming year we've moving Leo to the top of our TODO list for The Arizona Snow Bird Season.  During April-May 2023, we completely went through our traveling oral history kit to get ready for the 2023-2024 Season.  We really plan to hit this project MUCH harder!  
For the short story on Leo see:

For the full Leo blog see:

In the past year, our typewriter obsession has really re-blossomed.  We started out The Summer of 2022 with one machine, an 1971 Olympia SM9.  Now look at us--we have six typewriters including out latest addition, a 1936 Remington Rand Model 1.  The others include a 1970 Olivetti Lettera 33; a 1948 Royal Arrow; a 1953 Smith Corona Silent Super; a 1967 Consol 231.2 and a 1954 Underwood portable.  We now write typed letters to Dear Friends and mail them in ornately decorated vintage air mail envelopes. 
Of course, our biggest hobby is posting on Facebook.  Our account is strictly non-political and 100% G-rated 24/7/365.  We invite you to visit us at:

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