Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Revised Snack Box

As everyone knows we travel a lot.  The diet of a traveler differs from one who remains sedentary at home.  Travelers often get "the munchies."  That's why we have embedded Snack Boxes in both our truck AND Travel Trailer (TT).  Of course, the TT Snack Box is considerably bigger than the one in the truck.

The TT Snack box danged near has it all--lots and lots of various crackers, canned oysters, peanut butter, black olives, orange marmalade, mango-habanero salsa, hot chocolate packets, onion soup mix and now even Cheerios, too.  When one of us gets the munchies, the LAST thing we need to deal with is a depleted Snack Box.

We amped up our Snack Box today to include breakfast staples, too.  Five grain flakes with all the trimmings: fresh walnuts, dried cranberries and raisins as well.

The cracker selection is arguably the best it's ever been: two pkgs. of flavored woven wheat crackers, a box of club crackers; two pkgs. of honey graham crackers; a bag of Goldfish and a stack of saltines. Now we're talkin' CRACKERS!

We're lucky that WINCO is less than 2 miles from our Idahome.  Whenever we get a whim, we can simply dash to WINCO to fulfill that whim.  We did so today twice.  Once for the Bulk Box and once for the Snack Box.  At less than 4 miles round trip, who cares?

WINCO has an awesome bulk section.  You can find almost anything there.  One of their tried and true, fan-favorite staples is fresh ground peanut butter.  Well, today there was NO peanut butter.  Seems there is a shortage of peanuts.  Ah, well, shortages are The New Normal.  Luckily, we have Back Up Peanut Butter, right? RIGHT!

Don't EVER plan a Road Trip without Back Up Peanut Butter!

One of the many coolest things about WINCO's Bulk Department is that they sell really goof stuff.  It sure makes our Snack Box Sing!

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