Friday, September 8, 2017

Trailer Life

Sweetie Susun really did a number on our tiny home, The Mosey Inn.  She cleaned the exterior by hand—one swipe at a time.  SO Impressive!  Thank You, Sweetie! We have been talking about cleaning the outside of the trailer ever since we bought it in January 2014.  Finally, Susun took matters into her own hands.  While I sat bewitched in front of the computer for two days at Old Sawmill, Susun toiled under hot, smokey skies making the trailer look brand new again.

For years we've joked about what we  call “Trailer Life” cover shots  You've seen them on the cover of, well...”Trailer Life” magazine.  That magazine loves to put impossibly beautiful photos of a travel trailer sitting in a pristine scene with nary another RV rig in sight.

We kinda feel like our camp here at Site #14 in Sunny Gulch on the Sawtooth National Recreation Area is a Trailer Life Lite cover shot.  There is no deep blue lake in the background or a gushing stream in the foreground.  But having the outside of this tiny home so incredibly clean gives these photos some extra pizazz in our own eyes and minds.

On a smoke free day, you'd be able to see the Sawtooth Crest in the background.  And, yes, there actually IS a gushing stream in the foreground—it's the Salmon River and  it's clatter across the glacial boulders is very much audible.

Ah, Sunny Gulch, we love you.  We've been camping here for many years.  In fact, we've camped in Site #14 numerous times. During the summer when the many campgrounds at Red Fish Lake are max'd out full, you can always find a spot at Sunny Gulch.  The sites are spacious and very well done.

Since we're past the busy summer season and since the skies are smoked, there are very few people here this Friday.  We're guessing there might be six other camps here this afternoon.  It feels like we have the place to ourselves.

The drive from Old Sawmill to Stanley is arguably one of the most scenic 30+ mile drives in this part of Idaho.  The Salmon River is right smack beside the road and the steep sides of the canyon are carved into the billion-year-old Idaho batholith granites.

We're kicking back this afternoon.  After the combined 14 hours of computer work the last couple  of days, we need some R&R and Sunny Gulch is just the ticket.

Maybe we will get motivated to mosey over to Red Fish Lake Lodge...or maybe not.  Who knows, we might even mosey into Metro Stanley to see whazzup in The Capitol of Sawtooth Country.

Meanwhile, we're enjoying being in our own Trailer Life cover photo today.

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durgil said...

Nice! Definitely a Trailer Life shot!