Saturday, August 19, 2017

Shifting Sales

It's been a huge week.  We've sold two boats, all our BBQ apparatus and ALL of our Golf Stuff. That's a trifecta and represents three huge sea changes.  It says we're not doing those three activities any more.  Yes, major Life Changes indeed!

The sales of so much stuff in a short time period really cleared our decks to shift sales into new areas. Our next quest is to get rid of ALL our back packing gear.  And then comes ALL the cross country ski gear.  And then ALL the Man Cave Guy Tools.  And yes, there's more.

Basically, we're shedding all of the tools and toys of activities we know we're no longer going to do. Why keep that stuff if it isn't going to be used and enjoyed?

It has been a difficult week getting rid of what we call "Dear Friends".  Waving goodbye to our beloved canoe and kayak was extremely difficult to do.  Waving goodbye to our beloved BB apparatus was painful.  Waving goodbye today to our golf stuff left us feeling like a homeless zombie walking around in a fog.

You can't sever this kind of stuff from your life without withdrawal pains and pangs.  This stuff has been part and parcel of our Life & Self Esteem and Identity for a long some cases, forever.

During many moments of this week's "throw the deck chairs off the ship" mode, I felt so lonely and forlorn as I watched my past disappear into new hands...gone forever from my life.

But the process has been strangely enabling and energizing.  As I threw more stuff overboard, I wanted to throw more stuff overboard.  The process fed upon itself and became somewhat obsessive.

I end this epic eclipse week worn out.  Exhausted.  I don't think I could sell another pencil from a tin cup right now, let alone any more of my stuff.  I know that I will wake up tomorrow renewed and rejuvenated and ready to sell more stuff.

But tonight I am simply happy to sip a glass of wine and reflect on a wild week gone by.

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Anonymous said...

You did something that would be difficult for many. I read the post feeling the pains if change in one's life. You're accepting change well. Hats off to you.