Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Sell off continues- SOLD

Well it sold in less than an hour.  BOOM, GONE!  So sad to see it go but...such is life.

Yesterday we sold the canoe.  Today we put the hard hull kayak up for sale.  We will not be selling our inflatable kayak.  However, it's hard even listing the hard hull kayak.  I've owned a hard hull kayak continuously now for 37 years.  A part of my adult identity goes "bye-bye" when the kayak floats off to a new owner.  I've priced this one "right" and have no doubt it will go quickly.

We're definitely in the "get rid of stuff" mode right now.  Even thinking of having a massive yard sale to get rid of 90% of our camping stuff.  I go down in the basement and look at all that camping stuff and know perfectly well we're not goiong to use 90% of it ever again in this lifetime.  So why let it sit?  Why not help someone get a good deal on some high quality stuff?

Those two thoughts are heavy on my mind today.  Maybe if we had a camping yard sale on Eclipse weekend we might do pretty good.  Hum...

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