Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Red Suns

Happy August First!  We're moving very slowly on this first day of a new month.  Yes, there is a lot of smoke from various wild fires.  And, yes, it created the famous Red Suns of fire season last evening and this morning here at the Missouri Headwaters State Park.  We're tucked into some serious riparian vegetation..surrounded by willow trees, rose bushes and various other aggressive, water-loving trees and shurbs.  So, it really doesn't matter to us how hazy the sky might be.

We had some major techie success this morning.  We finally figured out how to upload both a text narrative and photos to Susun's Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Android phone.  Our cheap-o, pseudo, so-called smart phone has been a total dud on this trip.  No cell signal whatsoever.  So, we've abandoned it.  We decided instead to figure out to use Susun's phone to post to this blog.  That way we can leave her beloved Facebook unmolested and safe for her continued enjoyment.

It took a lot of hoop jumping and head scratching but we got 'er dun.

We're getting a hugely late start this morning but you know what?  It doesn't matter one diddly dang.  We're only going to Helena and, guess what?  Helena's only 65 miles away. Now that's what we call a short travel day.  So, heck, we can leave Three Forks as late as 4 PM today and still arrive in Helena on time for Happy Hour.

Meanwhile this morning, we plan to roam 'round The Headwaters soaking up more of the fluvial ambiance here.  Then, we're probably going to have lunch at the Wheat Montana deli or some suitable place.  Today's supposed to be a little cooler than yesterday so that might help.

Otherwise, it's just another lazy day on the road.

Happy Day & Many Cheers!  J&S

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