Friday, August 4, 2017

Many Memories

Many Glacier was many times more than we ever expected. Photos don't do the place justice.  Words fail to describe it.  There's nothing we can say or show to express how utterly, incrediblyand stunningly beautiful Many Glacier is.  You simply have to see it for yourself to understand the pure power of that place.

We made a plan and stuck to it.  I woke up at 4:50 AM and got the coffee going.  We were out of the trailer and gone by 6 AM and arrived at Many Glacier by 7 AM, waaaay before the vast hordes of people who would eventually invade the place Friday.

We were able to have Many Glacier mostly to ourselves during the magical morning moments.  Oh, how sweet it was!

And then shortly before 9 AM, we surprised Sweetie Susun by renting a rowboat for an hour upon Golden Pond (AKA: Swiftcurrent Lake).  We had the whole lake to ourselves. Talk about magical morning moments...OH, My!

By the time we checked the boat back in and returned to our prime parking spot at the outlet falls, Many Glacier had been over run by visitors.  All three parking lots were totally full.  Nary a single spot in any of those large lots to squeeze in another vehicle.  People swarmed every where like amped up ants swinging hiking sticks and carrying colorful packs.  Not only that the weather had changed.  Clouds rolled in and the wind picked up.

We smiled and simply headed back home to Site C109.  Our plan worked.  Mission accomplished.

There's yet  another so-called Canadian cold front moving in.  Yesterday's dense fire smoke is long gone...only to be replaced by clouds sagging over tall mountain tops.  NWS Missoula says the winds will increase and come out of the north later today.  That should keep the fire smoke in remission.  We'd really rather have storm clouds playing tag with Glacier's pretty peaks than  fire smoke.

Today's temp is 20+ degrees cooler than yesterday's.  We're back to wearing pants and long-sleeve shirts.  This morning, we wore layers to ward off the chill.  Yep.  It's a teeter-totter, whip-saw weather.  Too early to say for sure but this type of early August weather in the higher latitudes is often a harbinger of fall forthcoming sooner rather than later.

Lots and lots of photos to post soon.

Luckily, we have all afternoon to process and post photos.  Today's Many Glacier visit will live in our dreams, imaginations and memories forever.  It was one of those kinda special experiences neither one of us will ever forget.

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