Saturday, August 5, 2017


Fun Day going over Going To The Sun Road two times. What a trippy road!  We bought the $13 book on The Road's History and, yes, it is truly Trippy!  Hard for us to imagine something so incredible being built my mere mortals.  As one of the Engineers said in 1925,  Well, the impossihble takes a little longer but the difficult we do immediately.”

NO doubt this road was impossible!  But it's there.  We drove it twice today and we can tell you that road exists.  We went to Lake McDonald Lodge.  That's where the cradle of ambiance lies on the West Side.  All else is fluff.  No point in going any farther than Lake McDonald Lodge.  

Here are some photos of Lake McDonald Lodge.


Maggie said...

Love these photos. And your life intersecting with water. Those grand old lodges are just that...grand!

John Parsons said...

Grateful day to be with you again..