Sunday, July 30, 2017

Mirror Photos

The mirror of which we speak.
We're turning over a New Leaf on this Road Trip.  We're actually going to rerfresh our "Mirror Photos" on a regular basis.  Imagine that.  The photos on the trailer mirror have remained the same for over two years.  Stale?  Yep, you bet.  This past two-day trip to Alpine, I looked at those stale photos and said, "We MUST change out those photos on the mirror more often!!!!"

Well, one of the really nice things about taking Sunday off and not blowing outta here by 10 AM is that I had time to go through a ba-zillion photo folders and pick out 100 pictures to form a photo pool to use on the mirror.  Why 100?  Well, out local Walgreens three blocks away has a coupon code for 9 cent prints if you order 100.  Since the normal price is 20 cents, that's a smoking deal.

Anyway, it took about an hour to scare up 100 pictures and they will all be printed by about 10:30 AM today.  Sweet.

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